The Award Winning iTEE Server Emulator!                                        List Prices From £2,500.00 + VAT

Data Centre FM Product of the Year 2016


The iTEE is the latest server emulator from En-Technologies. Combining a redesigned air path with state of the art controls and network capability, the iTEE offers the most accurate and reliable test of your data centre’s performance and resilience.

The iTEE boasts a heat output of up to four kilowatts, and an airflow volume of up to 1600m3/hr. This means that it can maintain a temperature difference from inlet to outlet of 10°C at full load.

iTEE’s sophisticated controls mean that the temperature difference is true and constant, the fan speed modulating automatically to maintain the TD selected for the tests as a real sever would.

iTEE’s become even smarter when networked together. Via OrcaView software, an entire data centre can be tested from your laptop. Heat loads can be changed, Delta T altered, and test start times and durations pre-programmed.

OrcaView records everything that the iTEE monitors – power consumption (so that you can be sure of actual heat loads), fan speeds, air volumes, air on and air off temperatures, and up to 4 additional temperatures per iTEE unit.